Naya Rivera Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed on Sons Behalf, Claiming Unsafe Boat – TMZ

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Ryan Dorsey has actually submitted a wrongful death claim on behalf of Naya Riveras child … claiming the boat Naya remained in before she drowned was hazardous.
Nayas ex-husband filed the docs Tuesday on behalf of his 5-year-old kid Josey Hollis Dorsey, claiming Ventura County is accountable for her death since the boat Naya and Josey were on in Lake Piru did NOT abide by security requirements.
In the docs, filed by Ryans lawyer Amjad Khan and obtained by TMZ, Ryan claims the boat was “not equipped with a safely available ladder, appropriate rope, a radio, any security or an anchor mechanisms to prevent swimmers from being separated from their boats, nor any flotation or lifesaving gadgets” in offense of California law.
When they jumped into the lake for a swim … and proper safety equipment might have prevented that, Ryans declaring the boat wandered away from Naya and Josey. The fit declares the boat was “rocking back and forth powerfully in the present and wind.”
Ryan likewise declares in the fit there were no indications caution of the hazardous conditions of the lake– and the individual who leased the boat to Naya didnt warn her to wear the life vest that came with the boat.
As you understand … Naya and her son were reported missing on July 8. Her body was discovered in the lake on July 13. Josey had the ability to return in the boat, and when authorities arrived for a check, he informed them he and his mama were swimming and he didnt know what took place to her. She had actually vanished below the surface.
According to the match … at least 26 other individuals, from kids to fit adults to senior citizens, some using life vest and others not, have actually drowned in Lake Piru considering that its leisure centers opened.
Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub defined it as a terrible accidental drowning death. It needs to be kept in mind … 43 days after Naya went missing the man-made reservoir resumed to the public once again, and one month after more than 12,000 people signed a petition demanding more effective warnings to swimmers about debris under the waters surface area.